NEW PRODUCT FLASH: HYGEN Clean Water System by Rubbermaid

The Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Clean Water System from Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) promotes cleaner mops and facility surfaces with a water filter integrated into the mop bucket (shown here). The water filter addresses costs and sustainability by reducing water and chemical usage and increasing worker productivity, saving a typical facility about $6,000 a year in labor costs according to RCP.

Designed to promote green cleaning and improve cost efficiency, the new Rubbermaid HYGEN Clean Water System provides several distinct benefits:

  • Durable up to 1,000 launderings for best cost-in-use1
  • Helps reduce cross contamination2
  • Improves productivity and reduces chemical/water waste
  • Offers streak-free coverage
  • Cleans floors 45% better than traditional string mops3

The Rubbermaid HYGEN Clean Water System consists of a one of-a-kind filter bucket and wringer and nine engineered microfiber mops, which feature:

  • Specially designed filter bucket and wringer
  • Integrated filter improves productivity and reduces chemical/water waste
  • Twin roller design requires 50% less force to wring compared to a traditional side press wringer4
  • Back-flushable filter for easy use and upkeep
  • Built-in agitators remove at least 25% more dirt from mops1
  • Wringer features four adjustable settings for desired mop dampness
  • Floor drain for quick emptying

The double sided folding mop frame makes it easy to attach/detach to mops, and the stainless steel construction enhances durability. Meanwhile the double sided microfiber mops remove up to 99.9% of microorganisms, and their double sided enables users to clean up to 500 square feet with one wring.

Additionally, the Rubbermaid Pulse™ Microfiber Floor Cleaning System with its double-sided frame accomplishes dusting and damp mopping with one tool when used with Microfiber Dust & Wet Mop Plus. The high capacity refillable reservoir holds enough of solution to clean up to 850 square feet of floor space. And the red ergonomic trigger handle dispenses three streams of cleaning solution with each press.

1Based on internal testing.
2Always use cleaning chemicals or disinfectants as directed by your facility managers
3Based on internal testing vs. RCP #24 Web Foot Shrinkless String Mop.
4Based on internal testing vs. RCP Side Press Wringer
5Based on Third Party Time and Motion Study by the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences.

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