New Product Flash: Instapump by Turtledrain

Instapump from Turtledrain is a portable all-in-one drain designed to help facility and roofing professionals who regularly are called up on to remove standing water. Measuring 21″ in diameter, the foot operated pump is powered by gravity to siphon water from affected areas. It requires no gas or electricity to use; however, where there is not sufficient drop for a siphon to be created, a small gas or electric pump can be used. For best siphon drainage action, a 48″ drop or greater is required.Instapump

To begin operation, Instapump is fastened to a hose and placed in the deepest part of the standing water. If the higher end is submerged in water, it doesn’t matter where or in what direction the rest of the hose travels, so long as the the other end is at a lower elevation.

Users get Instapump started with a few foot or hand pumps. Turtledrain recommends one pump per every three feet of hose (a 30′ house would need 10 pumps). Once there is water flow, the siphon handles the rest to remove the water. The sucking end of the hose (the hose at the higher elevation) will completely drain all of the water from the affected area.