New Product Flash: Integrated Ceiling And Lighting by Armstrong and XAL

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Systems has partnered with XAL Lighting to introduce a proprietary integrated ceiling and lighting installation system that can provide expanded options for facility managers during construction projects. These options include higher ceiling heights, zero plenum interference, and on-center continuous or non-continuous linear lighting layouts.FE-NPFlogo

Designed to facilitate the creation and installation of symmetrical ceiling layouts, the new system includes factory-finished Armstrong beveled tegular ceiling panels, 9/16″ suspension systems, a new Armstrong Lighting Connector Bracket, and the new 4″ wide XAL LENO Zero Plenum LED luminaire.

Armstrong_XAL_officeThe ultra-thin LENO fixture imparts a modern appearance and features high output, energy efficient LED lighting along with seamless integration with Armstrong ceiling systems. The LENO luminaire features the best lumens per watt of any 4″ wide linear LED fixture and up to 90% lumens at 100,000+ hours.

The new Armstrong Connector Bracket is a low profile yoke specifically designed for use with Armstrong suspension systems for the installation of the LENO fixture.

For installation, the system offers an easy process with zero plenum interference because the light fixture installs from below. This eliminates construction coordination concerns because acoustical contractors do not have to wait until lights are installed before finishing the ceiling installation. Punch lists are also reduced because lighting contractors do not have to install the fixture from above, minimizing damage to grid and panels.

Diagram view of Armstrong XAL integrated lighting system
The XAL Leno Zero Plenum luminaire integrates with Armstrong suspension to provide continuous or non-continuous on-center linear lighting layouts.

The integrated ceiling/lighting system is seismically tested and provides Category D, E, F performance without any independent support of the light fixture.

Meanwhile, Armstrong has also announced that it is partnering with XAL Lighting to produce lighting fixtures that are pre-qualified for fit and finish in the Armstrong TechZone Ceiling System. The TechZone system is an acoustical ceiling system that organizes lighting fixtures, air diffusers, sprinkler heads, and chilled beams in narrow technical “zones” to create a more monolithic ceiling visual.