NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Ladder Stabilizers By Stablebase USA

Stablebase USA offers a line of ladder stabilizer products designed to be compact, easy to use, and adaptable to various site conditions. These patented products include an Extension Ladder Stabilizer, a Step Ladder Stabilizer (shown here), and a Staging Stabilizer.

The Extension Ladder Stabilizer increases a ladder’s base from 17” to 60”, which significantly reduces the ladder’s tendency to slip or tip. It weighs 11 pounds.

Meanwhile the Step Ladder Stabilizer is adaptable to all step ladders over 6′ in height. A mounting kit is required and available for wooden ladders upon request. When ladder is used close to a wall or platform, the pivoting head of the legs can be adjusted in a variety of angles and lengths to maximize stability, regardless of ground types, and levels. It weighs 15 pounds.


  1. I would like to order the Stablebase Extension Ladder Stabilizer. Please give me the availability, delivery date and price. Thanks.

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