NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Linear Drainage from Zurn Industries

Zurn Industries has introduced an extension of its linear drainage product line — 12 additional C Class fabricated grates. Six of the items measure 6″ wide, and the other six measure 12″ in width (shown below).new product flash

These new offerings from Zurn extend the company’s line of fabricated galvanized and stainless steel grating that also provides ADA and heel-proof benefits where heavy loading is required.

zurn drainsThe 12 grates meet DIN EN-1433 Class C load requirements when paired with a heavy-duty frame (these are identified with the suffix “HD”). Also available is a reverse punch option providing a heel-proof, anti-skid grate.

“We expect that our new fabricated, reinforced grates will be specified and installed within the industrial and food processing industries,” said Jeff Exley, product manager at Zurn. “Common applications include food and chemical processing facilities, warehouses, grocery stores, and kitchens.”