NEW PRODUCT FLASH: M•Dura Heavy-Duty Manual Flush Valves by Moen

The M•Dura heavy-duty manual flush valves by Moen feature proprietary AccuSet piston technology, a design component requiring virtually no maintenance or replacement parts for the life of the flush valve. The valves aim to address common issues associated with popular flush valve designs—reliability, maintenance and repairs, and water product flash

Moen’s M•Dura flush valves feature heavy-duty, cast-brass construction and meet ADA compliance requirements. Engineered to provide substantially lower lifetime costs than other products, the AccuSet piston technology was designed with cost savings in mind. It can be installed in all commercial applications, regardless of water pressure variances and usage rates. Compared to diaphragm technology, used by most existing flush valves in the marketplace, AccuSet can operate with pressure as low as 15 PSI (pounds per square inch). This means fluctuations in pressure are less likely to cause malfunctions.Moen flush valve

The AccuSet piston technology features a self cleaning filter which protects the piston seals against clogs and damage from line debris, allowing it to function even if the filter is up to 90% clogged. The handle of the flush valve is encased in a watertight brass channel secured by dual O-ring seals for leak protection. The handle is constructed from all metal and features a longer internal stem to provide strength. The robust, heavy-duty metal stop valve will not wear down or break apart like plastic assemblies might.

These flush valves also include premium seal technology: a specialized, chloramine resistant, high performance polymer that helps prevent common leaks or breakdown at the handle, vacuum breaker, and shut off. These premium seals at key connection points and all brass compression shut offs were also engineered to combat common problem areas which cause leaks and water waste.