NEW PRODUCT FLASH: MaintenanceMaster from Magnatag

The MaintenanceMaster whiteboard system from Magnatag Visible Systems is designed to help facility managers reduce equipment downtime and increase staff efficiency by visually communicating preventive maintenance product flash

Users display and schedule preventive maintenance checks by listing each piece of equipment or location on the board; then placing color coded magnet symbols and writing on the board to communicate what needs to be done and when.

preventive maintenanceThe board features both a 52 week and seven day task assignment section in view. This latest version from the company features printable T-cards added to each row on the board for permanent recordkeeping. These T-card file-slots hold a 365 day maintenance history card for each line item, to which managers can refer to view what tasks need to be done without having to look through printouts.

These heat fused printed porcelain-like steel whiteboards are available in four sizes (50 lines, 74 lines, 148 lines, and 222 lines). The board header can be custom printed, if desired, free of charge.