NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Modular Elevators By MEM

Modular Elevator Manufacturing, Inc. (MEM), a Chatsworth, CA manufacturer of factory preinstalled commercial hydraulic and machine-room-less elevators, has introduced its Modular Machine Room-less (MMRL) elevator. The MMRL is a full size commercial elevator designed as a self contained freestanding unit that can be delivered to a facility and installed in one day.

A modular elevator was used at this pedestrian bridge.

The MMRL has a weight capacity of up to 3,500 pounds, is gurney compliant, and travels at a speed of 350 feet per minute. It is also ADA compliant.

Most suitable for structures taller than five stories, the MMRL eliminates the need for a separate equipment room and requires less space than other elevators. The product is installed in MEM’s freestanding modular hoistway, which is often connected to the building the elevator is servicing without having to share the same foundation. MEM states that compared to conventional hydraulic elevators, the MMRL elevator uses less power due to its efficient design and counterweighted configuration.

The elevators can also be used temporarily during construction projects on job sites.

MEM, a sister company to T.L. Shield & Associates, Inc., designs and manufactures the modular elevators for two to seven story exterior applications in new and existing facility projects. From its experience in supplying and installing all types of conveyance products, T.L. Shield & Associates introduced the modular elevator to the construction market in 1997. After approval by the Division of the State Architect in California and success in the education market, the company expanded and formed MEM in 2004.

MEM elevators feature digital controls, fully equipped steel cars, and pre-assembled towers constructed from welded tubular steel, powered by hydraulic holeless, in-ground jacks, or machine-room-less technology.