Designed for use with PCs in an organization, PalmSecure LOGONDIRECTOR integrates Fujitsu PalmSecure palm vein biometric authentication technology with IBM’s Tivoli Access Manager for single sign-on. The product enables managers to protect data while maintaining compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes, Oxley, PCI DDS, and other industry and federal regulations.

The PalmSecure sensor is embedded into a PC mouse so passwords do not have to be remembered, cannot be lost or stolen, and help desk costs will not increase due to missing passwords. Log-in is accomplished with the palm vein sensor—a biometric more accurate than fingerprinting and on par with iris scan, but less intrusive—for secure access to all the files and applications the user is authorized to use.

Users hold their hand over a small scanning mechanism attached to their computer via a USB cord. Using near-infrared light, it captures their palm vein pattern, which generates a biometric template that is matched against their pre-registered palm vein and recognizing their identity and what access it affords them.

The product demonstrates extremely low occurrences of both false positive and false negative readings. Purely mechanical, PalmSecure LOGONDIRECTOR uses no trace technology, taking a temporary picture but not storing any data. With virtually no biometric footprint left behind, it is difficult to spoof. For use with any USB-compatible computing device, the product can also be used for greater data security with telecommuting workers or employees on the road.