NEW PRODUCT FLASH: PowerSmart by E-Mon

E-Mon, the Langhorne, PA-based manufacturer of the E-Mon D-Mon product line, has introduced its PowerSmart family of power quality/energy monitors and revenue grade power quality socket meters. Suitable for commercial, industrial, and institutional energy monitoring applications, the PowerSmart product line provides facility managers with superior granularity of energy measurement data combined with advanced power quality analysis via product flash

The PowerSmart family comes in a variety of configurations that allow users to specify the functionality best suited to their application. The meters combine real-time energy monitoring, power quality functions, and building automation communications in an integrated platform.

The three models in the new product line include:

  • PowerSmart Plus Essential Meter: Class 0.5S (± 0.5% accuracy) four-quadrant active and reactive energy polyphase static meter providing high precision three-phase monitoring of V, I, PF, demand, V/I unbalance, frequency, and load profile; offers panel mount configuration for 4” round or 96×96” DIN opening; graphical display provides real-time sine wave presentation, phasor diagrams, and harmonics graphing.submeter
  • PowerSmart Plus Advanced Power Quality Energy Monitor: Class 0.2 (± 0.2% accuracy) four quadrant, multifunction three-phase energy meter with advanced power quality features including embedded harmonic analyzer, voltage and current THD, current TDD and K-Factor, inter harmonics THD up to 50th order harmonic; optionally available in pre-installed JIC steel enclosure with lockable window panel and 3Φ voltage terminal block;
  • PowerSmart Revenue Grade Power Quality Socket Meter: Precision Class 0.2 (± 0.2% accuracy) three-phase active energy and power demand meter provides multiple tariffs and time-of-use capability, transformer and line losses, anti-tampering and self-test functions; standard Form 9S socket configuration allows easy new or retrofit installation.

Features of the PowerSmart Meter family include:

  • Power Factor, THD, TDD, K-Factor, Sags, Swells, Spikes, and Alarming
  • Modbus RTU via RS-485 communications protocol is standard
  • Modbus TCP/IP via Ethernet optional
  • Combines both static metering and time-of-use functions
  • Integral state-of-the-art EN50160-compliant power quality recorder
  • Supplied with PowerSoftware for meter set up and power quality analysis
  • Selection of solid- and split-core current options