NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Recycled Billboard Tarps By Repurposed Materials

Repurposed Materials (RPM) of Denver, CO offers building professionals recycled advertising billboard vinyls repurposed as tarps. Available in a variety of sizes, the tarps can be used for many applications around a facility site—including covering up: open roofs, window openings, driveways before concrete is laid, dirt piles, and lumber.

The most common sizes are 10’x30′; 12’x24′; 10’x36′; and 14’x48′, with larger tarps available by seaming the vinyls together (28’x48′; 14’x96′; 42’x48′; 48’x56′; 56’x96′; and 96’x96′).

Heavier than many store bought tarps, the Recycled Billboard Tarps are 20 mils thick and weight 13 oz./sq. yd. They can be seamed together with a vinyl cement to create different sizes, with waterproof seams (RPM recommends using HH-66 Vinyl cement).

This vinyl material is waterproof, anti-mildew, and flame retardant. It is designed to withstand extreme hot and cold weather. A UV protective layer provides extra longevity; RPM estimates a tarp used outside consistently should last three to five years.

In terms of fastening the tarps down, each features a 3″ pipe sleeve on all four sides; there are no grommets. Users can employ a pipe sleeve, or slits can be made through the double-sided sleeve and used as a “loop. Grommets can also be added with a kit from a hardware store, or facility managers could use industrial clips, also found at hardware stores.