NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Series 700F Power Processor

Controlled Power Company, manufacturer of commercial, industrial, and medical electrical power solutions, has announced the availability of its
 new Series 700F Power Processor. Featuring a small footprint, high efficiency design, and optional power quality monitoring, the Series 700F is a solid state, automatic voltage regulator which guards against both high and low voltage conditions.

The Series 700F Power Processor from Controlled Power is available in three phases.

The Series 700F corrects wide input voltage deviations to well within the safe operating limits for information technology equipment as recommended by CBEMA and ITIC. The power protection that the Series 700F delivers meets the IEEE and ANSI standards that define power anomalies, occurrences, and their impact on operations. And with the processor’s front access cabinet design, left, right, and rear access are not required for system installation, operation, or service.

Available in 10 kVA to 150 kVA three phase sizes, the Series 700F is is designed to serve a range of facility applications—aerospace, pharmaceuticals/labs, broadcast communications, wastewater treatment plants, concert halls/theaters, refineries/ petrochem, printing presses, industrial lasers, food processing plants, and pulp/paper mills.