NEW PRODUCT FLASH: SkyVault Series M74 DS from Solatube

Solatube International, Inc., a manufacturer of tubular daylighting devices, has introduced the SkyVault Series M74 DS, designed specifically for high bay commercial facility product flash

This new product is geared for use in large volume spaces with high ceilings, such as airports, convention centers, lobbies, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and retail centers.

Features of the SkyVault include a 29″ diameter opening to the sky. This represents an increase in aperture and collection capability over the Solatube SolaMaster® series, which means this product allows more light to enter a facility.

The SkyVault Series M74 DS installed in a warehouse setting

More daylight means higher daytime illuminance and/or greater spacing between units—resulting in fewer roof penetrations. The increased daylight that is collected using SkyVault means the systems provide maximum output while minimizing impact on the building envelope and reducing installation costs. Other features of the new SkyVault include:

  • temperature control with insulated and sealed curb-mounted roof assemblies that minimize heat gain/heat loss through the roof (dual dome option improves thermal efficiency even more) and which are designed to integrate into a facility’s vapor barrier;
  • reduces glare and minimizes traveling hot spots below that are common with traditional skylights;
  • the Tab-Lock Connection System, Tube Belts, and Pre-assembled roof and diffuser modules to help simplify installation and significantly reduce labor costs; and
  • minimal packaging, resulting in lower shipping costs and less waste (helps address LEED construction waste management requirements).