NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Smart Jacket from Thermaxx

Smart Jackets are digital insulation covers that report data on the performance and condition of HVAC steam traps and other steam components. Featuring a built-in wireless temperature monitoring system, these covers monitor temperatures, evaluate equipment/system status, and notify facility managers if there is a deviation from the product flash The automated insulation product is the result of collaboration between sensor specialist Embedded Energy Technology and West Haven, CT insulation fabricator Thermaxx Jackets.

Large scale steam distribution and heating systems represent more than 10% of annual energy consumption in the U.S., according to Thermaxx Jackets, and nearly all of these are subject to radiant heat loss and steam leakage. Facilities can recover significant costs by installing the removable Smart Jacket to prevent heat loss and quickly detect failing jacket

Smart Jackets record internal and ambient room temperatures using a wireless sensor. Every data point is reported to an online dashboard, allowing facility managers to monitor efficiency from any location. Custom e-mail and text message alerts can be set to notify maintenance staff in the event of fluctuation or critical levels.

The utility distribution superintendent at the University of Georgia, Robert White, has installed Smart Jackets, and he says, “We currently have more than 170 buried steam vaults, some of which require road or lane closures to access… Thermaxx Smart Jackets are now in 80% of our steam pits and will be in the remainder as soon as funding allows.”