NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Smash-It From Air Cycle Corp.

Air Cycle Corporation has introduced its Smash-It™ pneumatic compactors, which enable facility management staff to compact waste into 55 gallon drums or cubic yard boxes. Powered by compressed air, Smash-It™ compactors produce up to 6,000 pounds of crushing force, allowing facilities to compact waste to up to 20% of its original size.

Smash-It pneumatic compactor from Air Cycle Corp.
Smash-It pneumatic compactor from Air Cycle Corp.

By compacting with Smash-It™, facilities can reduce the overall volume of their waste, which lets them fit more of that waste into fewer containers. Smaller numbers of containers means lower disposal costs; less containers also frees up floor space.

The Smash-It™ compactor can also be a time saver, because smaller amounts of waste means employees spend less time moving containers around a facility and less time filling out waste pickup paperwork.

The compactors can also be used to handle hazardous waste such as paint filters, paint masking material, and disposable clothing, as well as rags, gloves, wipes, and general trash.

The Smash-It™ compactors are designed to be simple and safe to operate. A 55 gallon drum or cubic yard box full of waste is placed on the compactor’s platform. The operator of the compactor stands next to the machine and places both hands on the OSHA-approved start buttons. The compactors use a two-hand, no tie-down circuit that provides output only when the operator presses both of the machine’s buttons simultaneously. After both buttons are pressed the compaction plate descends and compacts the waste inside the container. Once the buttons are released the compaction plate is automatically retracted. The compacting cycle takes less than a minute.