NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Stand-Up Desk Kit from Stand-Up Desk Shop

The Stand-Up Desk Kit is an adjustable desk surface geared for facilities that may not want to invest in more costly sit-to-stand desking product flash

The product is placed on a regular desk, allowing the user to raise their work surface to a comfortable standing height. All four legs on the kit are adjustable in 1″ increments—ranging from 12″ to 17″ above the regular desk.

One side of the Stand-Up Desk Kit features a sloping edge to relieve the pressure of users’ wrists. All corners are also rounded. The Stand-Up Desk Kit surfaces come in three sizes: 47″x23″; 36″x21″; and 30″x19″; custom sizes also available. ergonomic desk

Made of high quality MDF wood, the work surfaces are sealed with a finish that matches existing work surfaces in an office. There are 14 surface finishes available, including white and black as well as various grays and wood grains. The legs are available in black or white and feature non-slip feet. The Stand-Up Desk Kit can support up to 300 pounds.