NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Super Quad-Blaster With Strobe

The Super Quad-Blaster with Strobe from Bird-X repels unwanted birds using ultrasonic sound paired with a flashing strobe.

Super Quad-Blaster with Strobe from Bird-X
Super Quad-Blaster with Strobe from Bird-X

Four Piezo ceramic speakers project powerful ultrasonic waves in an overlapping fan pattern for 360° coverage. The frequency level irritates birds, but is inaudible to humans. Super Quad-Blaster with Strobe is efficient: speaker sequencing, frequency, and warble rate are adjustable for virtually any situation making it difficult for birds to acclimate. Optional accessory for unusual space configurations or areas divided by walls: up to three remote speakers to stretch sound farther.

The Super Quad-Blaster with Strobe uses less energy than a 10-watt lightbulb; facility staff plug it into a 110 vAC outlet (220 vAC unit available). This compact unit has no moving parts and mounts in any direction—-upside down, right side up or sideways–to cover 6,500 square feet.

Super Quad-Blaster with Strobe can be installed in enclosed or semi-enclosed areas. It is designed for use in plants, warehouses, parking structures, loading docks, sports facilities–nearly anywhere where the sound can reverberate well.