NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Surge Protectors by Legrand

new product flashLegrand has introduced several new Wiremold Plug-in Outlet Centers that provide surge protection for office, commercial, school, and medical applications.

The Perma Power® M6BZNET (pictured below) and M6BZNET-15 computer grade surge protectors protect a facility’s 120V power line as well as connected computer networks. Laptops and desktops are protected by an integrated network surge protector to stop surges on RJ-45 network lines. Two of the six outlets are spaced for plug-in transformers so an outlet is no longer blocked when a plug-in transformer is used. Cords incorporate a 45° offset right-angle plug that hugs the wall without blocking the second outlet of a receptacle. The units are UL and cUL Listed and meets both UL1363 and UL1449 3rd Edition Standards for Surge Protection Devices.

WiremoldULM Series Medical Grade Plug-in Outlet Centers can be used in patient care areas in compliance with Article 517 of the National Electrical Code (NEC). These units feature redundant bonding, a rugged aluminum housing, and Pass & Seymour® hospital grade receptacles.legrand power strip

Legrand has also introduced several 36″ 15A Plug-in Outlet Centers to fill the gap between 24″ and 48″ models. These units are designed for use in relay racks and cabinets, labs, workshops, classrooms, and offices. The UL309BC and UL309BD have nine outlets, a lighted switch, and a 6′ and 15′ cord respectively. The 3609ULBC and 3609ULBD join the CabinetMate® Series with nine outlets and a 6′ and 15′ cord respectively. These units are UL and cUL Listed to UL1363 standards. Rack-mount units are UL and cUL Recognized to UL1363 standards.