NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Foundation Rooftop Units from Trane

The Trane Foundation light commercial rooftop units feature a new design that includes a dual footprint that enable these to replace up to two-thirds of existing units without the need for adapter curbs. The units are available in the 15- to 25-tonnage range and are part of Trane’s existing light commercial unitary product flash

The form, function, and features of these new Trane Foundation units were derived through consultation with customers. Prior to designing the units, Trane conducted market research with light commercial rooftop unit specifiers, owners, and users as well as its customer council. The rooftop units can serve a broad range of facilities and application, including buildings needing replacement units or new construction projects requiring a first HVAC system.

rooftop HVAC

The dual footprint design makes the rooftop units compatible with multiple roof curbs without the expense of installing an adapter curb or other modifications.

These Trane Foundation units feature components that have been tested in the field, and these include a long lasting tubular heat exchanger, reliable gas ignition system, and proven compressor technology. The units are certified to meet the most recent energy efficiency standards established by ASHRAE.

Additional features include foil-faced insulation edges that are captured and sealed, which aims to reduce the incidence of insulation fibers entering the airstream and clogging filters. And the units contain an aluminum microchannel (MCHE) condensor coil; its recessed design protects fins from incidental damage. The design of the coil also reduces the opportunity for leaks.

In order to ensure models are always ready to ship — often the same day an order is placed, Trane actively manages the manufacturing and inventory of the Foundation light commercial rooftop units.

(Photo courtesy of Trane)