NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Wheelchair Lift from Ascension

Ascension, a division of AGM located in Tucson, AZ, recently introduced the Ascension Virtuoso Model 5460F, a permanently installed wheelchair lift. This marks the expansion of the company’s product line, which had previously featured just portable wheelchair lifts.

The Virtuoso Model 5460F

The permanent lift (the 5460F) is ideal for situations where building code requirements call for permanent accessibility.

Meanwhile, Ascension’s portable lift (the Virtuoso Model 5460P) remains a desirable solution when facility managers need the versatility and convenience of a lift for multiple locations. The lift can be used when needed and then stored until the next use.

Both the permanent and portable Virtuoso models offer a distinctive approach to vertical accessibility for facility managers. The Ascension Virtuoso is an ADA compliant vertical wheelchair lift that does not require a machine tower or access ramp.

Ascension lifts are used in schools, universities, convention centers, auditoriums, arenas, churches, hotels, conference centers, parks and recreation facilities, casinos, historic buildings, courthouses, outdoor amphitheaters, fairgrounds, commercial buildings, retail stores, museums, and various government facilities. Ascension offers several options to accommodate specific requirements of a facility, including a stairbridge, outdoor protection packages, CE marking (portable model only), custom colors, and vandal resistant controls.

Complete architectural, engineering, and project management support is available from Ascension. And all lift models come with a standard 20-year drive train and 5-year parts warranty.