NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Wireless Amplifier for DuraTime Clock System

The RC186 wireless amplifier/audio player

BRG Precision Products continues to expand its offerings for its DuraTime 2.4GHz Wireless Synchronized Clock System, a wireless system that provides reliable, synchronized time for a variety of facility types.

The most recent addition to this DuraTime system is the RC186 wireless amplifier/audio player that can connect with a single speaker to provide zoned audio. This allows managers to play pre-recorded audio files in specific zones of a facility. And the alarm schedule software included with the system enables users to make periodic announcements or generate tones to announce breaks, lunches, or other milestones. The more than 70 pre-recorded sounds/tones include various beeps, bells, buzzers, and chimes.

The DuraTime 2.4 GHz Wireless Clock System features include: 100% digital communications; coverage of any size facility or campus; automatic, multi-path mesh network (no configuration required); AES 128 bit data encryption throughout for secure communications; alarm schedule supports up to 999 alarms; any combination of 12 alarm zones supported.