New Seismic Headquarters Is Designed For A Hybrid Workforce

In San Diego, Seismic's “office of the future” gives employees built-in flexibility to organize by activity rather than traditional departments.

Seismic recently opened a new global headquarters in San Diego, California, as part of the company’s commitment to provide employees with a superior office experience on the edge of the future of work. Designed by Unispace, the “office of the future” was planned to be innovative, inclusive, and offer built-in flexibility for Seismic’s growing hybrid workforce.

A global leader in enablement, Seismic helps organizations engage customers, enable teams, and ignite revenue growth. The new global headquarters office comes on the heels of executive growth: the company recently announced the promotion of Toby Carrington, Chief Business Officer, and the hire of Paige O’Neill as Chief Marketing Officer.

Seismic headquarters San Diego
(Source: Seismic)


COVID-19 changed the way people work, with human-centric design becoming critical to in-person workplaces, according to Seismic.

“In fact, businesses that implement human-centric strategies are 3.1x more likely to see low levels of fatigue among their workforce, and employees at these organizations are 3.2x more likely to stay and 3.8x more likely to exhibit high performance,” says a company statement. “Enabling a workplace that is innovative, inclusive and designed for flexibility demands a strategy to rethink how work gets done – which is why Seismic created its new headquarters with intention.”

Recently named to the 2023 Fortune Best Workplaces for Millennials™ List and certified as a Most Loved Workplace® by Best Practice Institute, Seismic built its new San Diego office with the hybrid workforce in mind. The layout divides the space into “activity zones,” each focusing on different tasks – from focus time to video conferencing. Unlike more traditional office spaces that segment by department, the Seismic office structure promotes employee efficiency and collaboration, allowing them to easily connect and accomplish tasks. This includes a variety of sizes of private rooms for individual focus work and team collaboration; large flex spaces; innovation hub; social hub; library for focus work; game room to support team building and relaxation; wellness lounge and recharge room for stretching, yoga, praying, and more.

“At Seismic, we strive to live and breathe a culture of belonging rooted in our shared mission, vision, and values – and this extends to our office spaces,” said Linda Ho, Chief People Officer, Seismic. “The employee experience has fundamentally shifted in the past three years. Seismic is committed to creating a workplace that evolves in tandem with the changes in order to best support our team.”

Seismic headquarters San Diego
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Beyond creating a space that meets employee needs right now, Seismic will evaluate office space utilization to continuously refine the space functionalities and best serve the needs of employees for years to come.

“San Diego has been our headquarters for the past 13 years and we are thrilled to bring this new, future-of-work environment into the city that has given us so much,” said Doug Winter, co-founder and CEO, Seismic. “We are proud to employ a hybrid, global workforce – and with our anticipated business growth, we look forward to continued expansion with local talent. In fact, the new workplace pays homage to our unique location with key features like 3D-printed surfboards, meeting rooms named after California landmarks, and biophilia elements incorporated throughout the space.”

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In addition to Unispace, Seismic launched the new office space in partnership with general contractor Bycor, and vendors including American Assets, Elen Consulting, Cultura, Haworth, Senator/Allermuir, Naughtone, Enwork, Poppin, BluDot, Milliken, and Interface.

“Seismic is a true visionary on the changing nature of work and the workplace,” said Alex Dupnik, Senior Associate, Design at Unispace. “Recent Unispace research found that more than half of workers worldwide say they struggle to do their jobs in their current office environments. Seismic listened to what employees needed by creating activity zones and innovation hubs throughout the office to drive movement, spark creativity, and enable easy cross-communication for every member of the team. Additionally, their new meeting spaces feature state-of-the-art technology to ensure an equitable experience for all meeting attendees.”

Watch the video below for a closer look at Seismic’s new global headquarters:

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