New Service Spotlight: Attune Energy Dashboard by E-Mon

new service spotlightE-Mon, a manufacturer of electric submeters, including the E-Mon D-Mon product line, is now offering Honeywell’s Attune™ Energy Dashboard service that provides facility managers with a user-friendly dashboard of energy usage and trends. The cloud based Attune Energy Dashboard service accesses historical and real-time energy usage data from a variety of meter types including E-Mon D-Mon submeters, electric, gas, water, steam, and BTU. By viewing and analyzing this energy consumption information, facility managers are able to gain insight into building and process performance, establish baseline patterns, and identify energy savings opportunities. Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 1.18.52 PM“Facility managers are under increased pressure to go beyond simply monitoring building systems and providing base-level comfort,” says Don Millstein, president of E-Mon. “The Attune Energy Dashboard service offers them crucial access to specific usage data from multiple E-Mon meters so that they can make decisions resulting in improved energy efficiency and overall cost savings.” With the Attune Energy Dashboard service, a facility’s E-Mon D-Mon smart meters are connected via the industry standard Modbus TCP/IP communication protocol to the data warehouse where actual energy data is posted to a password protected, web-based dashboard. The customizable dashboard displays analytics as widgets in a graphically intuitive interface. Each site on the dashboard has a customizable Current Consumption display that includes a variety of widgets, graphs, and charts that show energy consumption data for electric, gas, water, fuel oil and/or steam. Some available widgets include: Building Profile; Site Information; Electricity Cost; Building Operating Schedule; Weather Information and Degree Days; Electric, Gas, and Water Trends; and Electric, Gas and Water Gauges. A demo of the dashboard is available on the E-Mon website. A reporting feature allows users to create and export CSV file reports for outside temperature, demand, previous period, and relative humidity by hour, week, day and month for selectable date ranges either by individual meters or aggregate meters.