NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: BELFOR Adds Mobile Thermal Vacuum Freeze Dryer

The Hayward, CA office of BELFOR USA, serving the greater San Francisco area, has recently added to its document drying and business recovery services by acquiring a Mobile Thermal Vacuum Freeze Dryer. Already in use by BELFOR in other locales, this drying technology in Hayward adds to the company’s West Coast capabilities.

Thermal Vacuum Freeze Drying (TVFD) is a leading technology for drying documents, applying heat while the paper is in a sub-zero vacuum environment. Capable of freezing to -51ºF, the mobile TVFD units can reduce document moisture content to its original state and are considered the most effective method of removing moisture from paper materials.

Transported to the location where a client’s loss has occurred, the freeze drying units provide a solution for large loss events as well as for high value materials that need to be secured on-site. Using the TVFD equipment and other vacuum freeze dryer capabilities, BELFOR technicians can restore a wide range of materials and delicate paper items from single documents to entire libraries and water damaged collections.