New Service Spotlight: Blue Cleaning from Aramark

Aramark recently introduced an environmentally friendly “Blue Cleaning” program to its custodial management customers across North America. Tested in several universities and school districts, convention centers, and businesses across the country, this program uses electrically activated water in place of chemicals to clean most floors, carpets, and hard surface areas safely.

“We are committed to finding sustainable solutions that provide optimal safety for our employees and customers, while reducing the overall impact on the environment,” said Chris Hackem, president and CEO for Aramark’s Higher Education, K-12 Education, and Correctional Services businesses. “By leveraging the power of electrically activated water, our program can help custodial clients minimize their environmental footprint and increase safety, productivity, and convenience.”

The Blue Cleaning program employs multiple technologies, which apply a low-level electrical charge to tap water, transforming it into an electrically activated water (EAW) cleaning solution that breaks apart and lifts dirt from surfaces like a magnet. Hard surfaces can then be wiped clean quickly without leaving a surface residue like chemical-based agents. 
In partnership with Orbio Technologies, a Tennant Company Group, and Activeion Cleaning Solutions, Aramark tested the Blue Cleaning program at several of its client locations across the country.

“Our testing found that the Aramark process was effective in a variety of routine cleaning applications, including spray-and-wipe cleaning, hard floor scrubbing, and carpet cleaning,” said Matt Judge, Aramark’s senior director of facilities innovation. “Even in large venues, such as universities, schools, and convention centers, the program proved to be comparable to conventional chemical cleaners.”

The custodial operators who participated in the testing across all of the different venues reported positive findings, including that there was no odor compared to chemical cleaning; carpets were softer; and there was no streaking on glass surfaces or degradation on wood or terrazzo flooring. Additionally, there was no need to mix general purpose chemicals.

Aramark provides operator training and customer support as part of the Blue 
Cleaning program to ensure the ongoing safety and effectiveness of the program across all custodial applications. For more information about Aramark’s Blue Cleaning program, visit