NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Energy Services from Hess Energy Solutions

Hess Corporation recently announced the launch of Hess Energy Solutions, offering comprehensive energy services for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers.

Building on its expertise in energy markets, Hess Energy Solutions delivers integrated solutions to help organizations save money, reduce energy consumption, and make informed energy decisions, including fuel conversions, proprietary demand response programs, energy asset optimization, energy efficiency and sustainability, and guaranteed cost energy management.

Hess Energy Solutions has several projects underway including a fuel oil-to-natural gas conversion with Lindsay Park Housing Corporation in New York City and an intelligent demand response program with DeSales University in Pennsylvania that will generate incremental revenue while helping to reduce the school’s energy costs. There also is a sustainability project to install a solar field that will provide energy to the Hess office in Woodbridge, NJ.

Hess Energy Solutions provides the following services:

Fuel Conversions

  • Provides detailed financial analysis and independent engineering to help customers evaluate conversion options
  • Conducts energy audits and reduction plans to identify savings opportunities and maximize project incentives and rebates
  • Eliminates need for upfront capital expenditures or bank financing through turnkey project management and funding integrated with a natural gas supply agreement

Demand Response (two types)

  • Proprietary intelligent demand response that allows customers to bundle demand response with their electricity contract and realize capacity and/or transmission cost savings by shedding or shifting peak electric load
  • Traditional Independent System Operator (ISO) demand response, paying customers monthly for agreeing to reduce energy use when power grids experience reliability issues

This offering provides customers with access to Hess PowerPort, a real-time monitoring and analytic tool that can help manage energy usage and improve energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency/Sustainability

  • Recommends and assists implementation of energy efficiency improvement projects to lower energy consumption, reduce energy spend, and provide greener operations and facilities
  • Reduces environmental impacts through renewable resources and reduce greenhouses gases through programs such as solar and biomass

Energy Asset Optimization

  • Uses real-time control and monitoring systems to manage energy consuming and energy producing assets
  • Helps customers maximize value of energy assets and achieve productivity and reliability gains

Guaranteed Cost Energy Management

  • Will take responsibility for all energy decisions at a guaranteed cost so that customers can focus on managing their business