NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: EnergySTEP by Schneider Electric

Energy STEP Data Center Assessment Tool.
An on-site evaluation and analysis of your data center or network closet with recommendations to maximize availability, improve energy efficiency and reduce energy-related costs.

Schneider Electric has introduced a new service to assess the power, cooling, physical infrastructure, and operational efficiencies of data centers. The offering — EnergySTEP (Energy Sustainability Tiered Efficiency Program) Data Center Assessment – is the latest addition to the expertise that this global energy management company provides to IT and data center customers.

Addressing the scenario of ongoing volatility in energy prices/security, skyrocketing demands on data centers, and the increasing requests for efficiency and sustainability in these facilities, Schneider Electric offers EnergySTEP as a customized offering that goes beyond initial assessments to provide actionable, vendor neutral recommendations to optimize energy usage, reduce operating costs, and prioritize improvements and upgrades to manage capital expenses intelligently.

A comprehensive report generated by the assessment provides recommendations including detailed findings illustrated with various graphics and benchmarks of performance. The specific recommendations for improving efficiency and maximizing availability include estimated cost savings and an ROI analysis.

Additionally, to measure and maintain ongoing sustainability and efficiency initiatives, EnergySTEP allows managers to benchmark the performance of their facilities against industry standards such as the Green Grid Data Center Maturity Model, a measurement of 46 aspects of the data center.

Under EnergySTEP, an extensive data collection and analysis is performed by a Schneider Electric Energy Management Services (EMS) Specialist with expertise in both data center operations and energy management.

Data Center Assessments are part of a larger portfolio of services offered by Schneider Electric to support customers throughout the data center services life cycle, to assist in planning, design, building operation maintenance, and optimization of their facilities.


  1. I’m interested in receiving information on this service. I’m in the process of replacing a cooling unit in one data center and this may help me reduce the load required.

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