NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Enhanced VoIP from Panasonic and BroadSoft

Panasonic, a provider of business technology solutions, announced this week it has entered into an agreement with BroadSoft, Inc., a provider of software and services that enable mobile, fixed line and cable service providers to offer Unified Communications over their Internet Protocol, or IP networks.

Under the agreement, Panasonic and BroadSoft will work together on the interoperability of their products to allow, among other things, pre-integrated SIP telephony solutions for hosted VoIP applications.

The Panasonic TGP series SIP Phone System is a small business communications solution that offers the flexibility of convenient expansion to scale as a company grows.

BroadSoft’s Premier Access Solutions program aims to simplify and streamline the service planning and delivery process for carriers offering hosted services by creating integrated access solutions. The company has brought a number of access equipment vendors to collaborate and build best of breed access solutions that: shorten time to market for new service offerings; bring network features to customers quickly; simplify the design and integration of a service provider’s hosted VoIP applications network; reduce support costs with pre-integrated solutions; and increase customer satisfaction by offering productivity enhancing features.

“Panasonic offers flexible, reliable and cost-effective communication solutions to fill a business’ communication needs,” said Bill Savino, marketing manager for business communication solutions at Panasonic. “By working with BroadSoft to create simplified service solutions, Panasonic is providing outstanding SIP telephony solutions to fit the needs of businesses, both large and small, across the nation.”

Each Premier Access Solution is tied to a specific BroadWorks configuration and equipment set from BroadSoft partners and a full solution includes various access components which consist of: Session Border Controllers, Enterprise Edge Devices, IP Phones, and Access Gateways.

Panasonic’s entire range of SIP based telephones will become an essential communication tool in pre-integrated solutions from BroadSoft. DECT 6.0 ensures no interference with wireless networks, and the cordless design eliminates the need to run dedicated network wiring to each employee workstation.

“We have a long standing relationship with Panasonic, and this agreement expands our joint capabilities to enable enterprises with innovative, hosted communications services to meet their needs to connect and collaborate effectively,” said Steve Kaish, vice president, business development, BroadSoft. “We look forward to continued collaboration with Panasonic to enable our service provider customers to extend their offerings.”


  1. It’s nice that proven technology like DECT has been updated to leverage VoIP. Everyone thinks wi-fi networks are the way to go for in-building wireless but it is not as secure or as reliable as many IT pundits think it is! This looks hassle-free without the cables everywhere and heavy up-front costs. I would seriously look at a system like this.

  2. I like the fact that by using a wireless VoIP system is very convenient, not just for the employees of a company, but also the IT department. They don’t have to hassle with network cables in the office. All companies should consider switching over to a VoIP system.

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