NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Expert Advice From Bird-B-Gone

Bird-B-Gone, Inc., a manufacturer of professional bird control products, recently added a new service to its Website. The company has added an ornithologist to its team of bird control specialists to help customers tackle their bird problems. The service is presented on the Bird-B-Gone Website under an “Ask the Bird Expert” feature.

Dr. Rob Fergus, Ph.D.
Dr. Rob Fergus, Ph.D.

Having the insight of an ornithologist is aimed at closing the gap between the science of nature, and the nature of bird control. Customers posting questions receive answers from Dr. Rob Fergus, Ph.D., on a variety of topics including bird control, bird behavior, and more. The new page has a “Meet the Ornithologist” section with a bio, list of qualifications and an archive of previously asked questions and answers.


  1. What a neat idea to add an ornithologist! We work with companies on their wood exteriors and fixtures, and it’s amazing how much damage can be prevented if you work with nature instead of against it.

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