NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: "Financial Power Diet" By Staco

Staco Energy Products Company, based in Dayton, OH, has created a section on its website to helps facility professionals understand their energy usage and thus the potential for energy savings. The “Financial Power Diet” discusses power factor and how its correction can help to lower utility bills.

A chart which shows a hypothetical energy usage scenario can be adapted to the user’s own situation. This web utility can be found on Staco’s website.

“Utilities across the country are adjusting their rates and applying power factor surcharges to companies who use power inefficiently” said Staco Power Factor program manager Rich Zuccaro. “These web site enhancements are an easy-to-understand explanation of what power factor is and how companies can benefit by correcting it. The scenarios shown are representative of situations we’ve seen, and can easily be adjusted to incorporate the customer’s actual data.”

In addition to discussions on power factor and its correction, this section also includes links to regional energy solution provider partners, along with links to Staco solutions for varied power factor problems.

Staco Energy Products Company manufactures voltage control, VAR compensation, uninterruptible power supplies, and engineered power quality solutions.