NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Laundry Cleaning Solutions From Proteus Solutions, LLC

Diversey, Inc., a provider of commercial cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions and Standard Textile Co., Inc., a company specializing in the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of textiles, decorative, and work apparel, have announced the formation of a joint venture to bring cost-effective and sustainable laundry cleaning solutions to the lodging and healthcare industries.

Called Proteus Solutions, LLC, the venture delivers innovation through differentiated products and solutions aimed at redefining cleaning and sanitizing processes. Proteus Solutions combines Diversey’s expertise in commercial cleaning and sustainability applications with Standard Textile’s capabilities in linen management, textiles, and activated water.

Under the agreement, Diversey and Standard Textile are jointly launching the new business and commercialize bundled offerings.

“This partnership accelerates delivery of groundbreaking cleaning solutions previously unavailable in the marketplace,” said Diversey President and CEO Ed Lonergan. “The technology behind Proteus enables customers to substantially improve the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability profile of their operations.”

Added Standard Textile President and CEO Gary Heiman, “The combined expertise of our companies is unrivaled. By jointly developing cleaning solutions using Proteus’s proprietary technologies, our customers will benefit from our deep understanding of textile performance and the cleaning process. For example, laundry customers will have a complete solution that pairs the right textiles with a cleaning and sanitizing system that reduces operating costs and extends the life of their linen.”

The first commercial offering from Proteus Solutions is the Proteus® Activator Washing System, a cleaning and sanitizing system for laundries. Already installed at a number of locations throughout the world, the Proteus Activator system is demonstrating substantial operational and sustainability benefits without compromising performance in the laundry process.

In these installations of the system, customers are achieve faster, more effective washing and drying cycles with smaller amounts of chemicals and water, resulting in less energy consumption, lower overall costs, and greater sustainability. Some of the demonstrated efficiencies include:

  • Cost savings of up to 30% as a result of lower chemical consumption and less need to transport and store the products;
  • Energy savings due to efficiencies created by the Proteus system in the cleaning and sanitizing process;
  • Water consumption reduction of up to 20% as a result of fewer rinse cycles; and
  • Improvements in safety as workers need to handle fewer harmful products.