New Service Spotlight: Mobile Mail App From iOffice

iOffice, the Houston, TX-based provider of integrated workplace management system (IWMS) software, has introduced its Mobile Mail App. This app, which complements the company’s IWMS Mail Module, is available in iOS and addresses the mobile character of many workplaces today. As iOffice notes, gone are the days of easy package delivery to one numbered office. More people are working at hot desks, in collaborative spaces, at mobile desks, and cubicle-free floors — making it ever harder to get the right package into the right hands, quickly and easily.workplace

“Delivering mail and packages to employees across thousands of square footage is no easy task, but there’s no reason it can’t be more efficient and fun at the same time,” said iOffice co-founder Elizabeth Dukes. “As the workforce becomes more mobile, the apps we use to track office functions do too, and our mail app makes it easier than ever to get work — and even your workouts — done.”

workplaceThis app version of its desktop mail module turns mail delivery into gamified fun. It tracks the delivery person’s steps, number of packages delivered, and sets up a company leaderboard to track who is delivering the most packages first.

The Mobile Mail App provides mail workers a full visual diagram of floors and buildings when delivering packages. Prior to the app, mail and package carriers could search offices by room number only. As a SaaS-based platform, the Mobile Mail App ties in directly to the facility floor plan and is constantly updated with the desk location for each employee.

As with the desktop application, the Mobile Mail App allows deliverers and recipients to access address, delivery, and tracking data without requiring an internet connection, and automatically updates again once a wifi connection is established.

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