NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Product Line App from ATAS International

ATAS International, Inc., an Allentown, PA manufacturer of metal roofing and wall and ceiling panels, recently launched the ATAS Complete Product Line App. Available for use on iPad, the app was created to change the way industry professionals research and spec a project using ATAS products.

Once downloaded to a tablet, the app works by the user swiping left to right to change products, and swiping up and down to learn more about each product. It provides users with information on recent installations as well as technical product information. If more details are desired (e.g., product drawings, spec data, load tables), the user is directed to the ATAS website by clicking a button on each product page.

“ATAS embraces technology and is always striving for ways to make projects easier for our customers,” said company President, Dick Bus. “We know everyone doesn’t learn or work the same way, so now people have the option to flip through a printed catalog, review content on our website, or use the interactive app to discover ATAS products.”

The menu and each page of the ATAS App are designed for easy navigation and are updated frequently. The app provides information about how each product will impact the appearance, function, energy efficiency, lifespan, and cost savings of a facility project.