NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: SmartEnergy Compactor From Waste Management

Waste Management, Inc. has introduced its SmartEnergy Compactor which can reduce electricity consumption by as much as 70% versus traditional compactors, resulting in lower operating costs and a lower carbon footprint for customers. This new solution enables Waste Management to identify customer needs better to service them more efficiently.

Each SmartEnergy compactor comes equipped with Waste Management’s Compactor Monitoring Service (CMS). This technology enables the company to optimize the servicing of customers’ compactors, eliminating the costs and inconvenience of unnecessary pickups while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Waste Management specialists monitor customer compactors remotely and use proprietary hardware and software to maximize the efficiency and value of each collection. This service also removes the burden of monitoring compactors from customers.

Another energy saving feature of the SmartEnergy Compactor is the chargebox fullness indicator, which encourages users to run cycles only when needed, also reducing electricity usage. In addition, the new solution provides compaction performance and cycle times equal to traditional compactors.

The SmartEnergy compactor’s electronic controls are powered with solar energy provided by Big Belly Solar, while the compactor motor is traditionally powered. Furthermore, the SmartEnergy Compactor is equipped with constant AC powered backup so that if the battery doesn’t have the maximum solar charge, customers can run a cycle while the battery recovers.