NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Tremcode from Tremco Roofing

Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance has introduced the TremCode energy code app, which contains up-to-the-minute International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) information for all 50 states. Tremco sales representatives can access the app when working on roofing projects with facility professionals, designers, and other customers to answer questions that arise about state-specific construction service spotlight

“New or revised energy codes are constantly being adopted, which makes knowing the current code an uncertainty and tracking the entire country daunting, a real problem for facility professionals who are responsible for buildings in multiple states,” says John Breidenbach, AIA, LEED AP, Tremco Roofing’s market development manager for architecture.

Tremco app

Tremcode enables users to access the latest edition of the IECC, locate the Climate Zone for the facility in question, and, with a final tap, calculate critical information like the proper R-value for the roofing solution being proposed or whether an air barrier or white, reflective roof may be required. For instance, inputting calendar year and climate zone into appropriate fields (as seen at left) allows Tremco Roofing’s sales reps to determine R-value and if a code requires an air barrier or SRI solution.

Plans are underway to expand the app into Canada and add dew point capabilities for all of North America. The app can be used on both iPhones and iPads.