NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: VeriClean System by Diversey

Diversey recently introduced the VeriClean™ System, an approach aimed at improving the cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces in healthcare settings. With an evidence based approach, the program integrates products, processes, training, and validation into a continuous improvement plan designed to enhance staff knowledge and improve cleaning outcomes. In turn, this reduces risk by limiting the transmission of healthcare associated infections (HAIs).

The first step of the VeriClean System includes a consult with Diversey to help facilities managers select optimal cleaning methods, disinfectants, and tools. Customized training tools are then developed in collaboration with the facility to detail best practices for cleaning patient rooms and other areas.

The VeriClean System enables facilities managers to assess the effectiveness of cleaning processes through the use of surface testing and web-based audit software. The VeriClean Fluorescent Marking Spray (seen here) allows facility staff to mark high touch surfaces. After cleaning is performed, the staff members use a UV light to see if the marking spray was removed from the marked surfaces. Complete removal confirms that the surfaces were adequately cleaned. The results of the testing are then captured by iMAP software.

The iMAP software incorporates a web-based data collection and reporting platform which allows data collection from multiple monitoring methods. This gives facilities flexibility in implementing a cleaning validation program that satisfies Options for Evaluating Environmental Cleaning—a recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Reporting from the iMAP software is available 24/7 and can be downloaded, so it can be incorporated into presentations and training materials. Facilities can then drive continuous improvement of the cleaning process.