NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Warranty From The HON Company

The HON Company has issued a Full Lifetime Warranty offering to customers that reflects the office furniture manufacturer’s confidence in the value, quality, and durability of its products.

The terms of the Full Lifetime Warranty, which is applicable to all products manufactured after January 1, 2011, provides two choices in the event a covered product cannot be repaired — The owner can either choose to have the product replaced with something comparable, or they can choose to receive a full—not prorated—refund of the purchase price.

The Full Lifetime Warranty coverage includes all product lines, materials and components. There are exceptions to this are covered under HON’s 12-Year Warranty: electrical components (lamps and ballasts are not covered); seating ilira®-stretch; laminate surfaces; seating controls; signal seating upholstery fabric; accessories; wood seating; and veneer surfaces. Also, textiles for panel and seating come with a five-Year Warranty.