New SRBX HQ Installs Scranton Products

Scranton’s Aria restroom partitions have been installed in the new Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange (SRBX) headquarters building in Northern California.

More than 100 years ago, local builders formed the Sacramento Regional Builders’ Exchange (SRBX) as an industry center for project information, exchanging ideas and discussing common building problems. Today, the non-profit serves the entire commercial construction industry operating across Northern California.

Since its launch in 1901, the SRBX has continually adapted to member needs by becoming a “fundamental hub” for safety training, networking, and learning. This mission entered its next phase when the organization held the grand opening of its new 11,000 square foot offices located in East Sacramento, CA. After spending the past 70 years at its previous space, the new SRBX headquarters was designed as an ultra-modern, collaborative site that would forward both the business and educational requirements of its membership.

restroom partitions
The new 11,000 square foot headquarters of the Sacramento Regional Builders’ Exchange in East Sacramento, CA

“Years ago, hundreds of builders and city officials flowed in and out of our plan room each week,” says Tim Murphy, SRBX’s CEO. “This changed over time with the evolution of our online plan room. However, we are still a central gathering place for member meetings, networking events, and on-site training.

“As a result, the look and feel of our facility is essential for conveying the professional nature of our organization. We want everyone who enters to be immediately impressed with our new, open floor plan and bold architectural scheme. This includes using our facility to host all forms of industrial, business, and social gatherings.”

Opened in late 2017, SRBX’s new offices boasts large, collaborative work areas for staff, an on-site training room for accommodating up to 60 persons, and an event room and catering kitchen able to host approximately 150 people. This is inlaid with a distinctive scheme of rich blues and burgundies mixed with wood tones, polished concrete floors, glass walls, and murals aimed at capturing the area’s industrial history and Sacramento’s scenic skyline.

In addition, the modern motif was extended into the organization’s restrooms with a design made to resemble some of the area’s country clubs. This included a mix of oyster shell-colored tiles, floor panels resembling wood planks, and Aria Partitions in a mahogany tone donated by Scranton Products of Scranton, PA.

restroom partitions
Aria Partitions from Scranton Products in the restrooms at the new Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange headquarters

“We sought the input of our members on everything from ceiling panels to bathroom fixtures,” explains Murphy. “Many of the materials were donated including the Aria Partitions from Scranton Products. They are stylish and beautiful, extremely durable, easy to clean, and you can’t beat the added privacy. They exceed the standard of comfort offered in private facilities.”

Aria Partitions were developed by Scranton Products to add an enhanced level of comfort and privacy as well as elegance, warmth, and charm to virtually any enclosed or private room. In addition to removing sightlines to ensure ultimate privacy, the partitions are designed with a continuous edge-mounted hinge. This provides increased privacy as well as improved aesthetics because there is no face mounted hardware as seen on traditional partition systems.

Specifically developed for all commercial and institutional environments, each system is available with 17 innovative door designs, 7 panel designs and 27 rich colors and textures, rising above typical, commercial restroom styles. This has resulted in a bold statement that distinctly elevates standard restroom interiors with captivating, beautiful designs and simple sophistication.

“We’ve become a true showroom for the Aria Partition product line,” adds Murphy. “We want our members to know our restrooms serve a dual purpose to showcase Aria’s durability, aesthetics, and privacy to their clients. This was a real win for everyone and the very environment we envisioned when we first began planning our new headquarters.”