New Thrive Collection By Inpro

Inpro’s® new 2018 finish collection offers designers and architects the opportunity to Thrive. The theme for the latest collection showcases how Inpro’s various products, colors, textures, and patterns work together as pleasing design elements.

Thrive finish collection

The Thrive Collection brings together different finishes, giving designers a way to visualize how the patterns and colors of Inpro’s wall protection, solid surface, signage, and fabrics can create an aesthetically pleasing interior.

The selection of the various packages is a collaborative effort led by Interior Designer Aga Artka, ASID, NCIDQ, WRID, who worked with Inpro to design the collection.

Thrive finish collection

“The color story told in the Thrive collection is one of hope, comfort and understanding,” Artka said. “We created the 2018 theme as a response to global instability and an unsustainable, fast pace of life. This collection revisits the basic human needs that allow us to thrive. It is an exploration of our relationships with others, ourselves and the world around us.”

Under the Thrive umbrella, Artka and Inpro will release the following palettes throughout 2018:

Thrive finish collection

Reflect: The calm and simplistic aura of this palette invites us to take a moment to “be.” Grounding grays mixed with iridescent violets combine the earthbound with the ethereal just as a reflection allows us to combine the reality of the past with a vision for the future.

Nurture: This monochromatic palette stands for simplicity and longevity. Blending a diverse family of neutrals with a touch of soft green brings us back to our earthy roots with the promise of renewal and vitality.

Thrive finish collection

Create: This rich and sophisticated palette finds inspiration in the decadent facets of creativity such as embroidery, fine beading, precious stones, crystals, and leathers. Rooted in classic opulence are rich golds, emerald greens, and complex teals with soft, pearl-like neutrals paired for balance.

Protect: An optimistic interpretation of our basic need for safety, the Protect Palette is reminiscent of home, providing protection from the elements and the ongoing pursuit of stability with a rich range of warm, sun-kissed neutrals and stable browns.

Thrive finish collection

Love: The Love color palette is subtle, calming, and personal. An element of humanity is captured in the soft neutrals while mature blues and dark tones depict the depth of boundless love.

Nourish: The Nourish palette uses soft, grass greens, complementary lilacs, and deep eggplants which are comforting and energizing. Abstract and realistic patterns inspired by nature reflect the simplicity and complexity of the landscape that provides for us.

Thrive finish collection

Both Artka and Inpro received confirmation when Pantone® announced that the 2018 Color of the Year is Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet. “When you look at our Reflect Palette, Pantone’s selection validated our color story,” Aga said. “As a leader in interior products, it’s important that we’re in tune with the design community and on the cutting edge of the trends that inspire them. It’s gratifying to see that kind of color trend synergy happening.”