NexSys Lead Acid Batteries

The EnerSys power solution provides sweepers, scrubbers, and extractors greater mobility

NexSys® Batteries from EnerSys® are a power solution for floorcare equipment, lift trucks, AGV/LGVs, and cleaning machines. Compared to power options like propane, lead acid batteries have always been a simpler choice for floorcare applications. And by cutting the electric cord, they have provided sweepers, scrubbers, and extractors greater mobility.lead acid batteries

Featuring advanced Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology and constructed with 99% pure lead, NexSys batteries are helping floorcare machine operators build a better bottom line by delivering more power and by eliminating watering and weekly equalizations. These ultra-thin, pure-lead internal plates allow more power in 30% less space than conventional lead acid batteries, and up to 20% more power than the same sized conventional lead acid battery.

This higher power density of NexSys batteries delivers significantly longer runtimes, allowing cleaning professionals more hours on the job. They are also ready to work after months of inactivity with up to a two year shelf life, plus a life of 1500 cycles at 60% depth of discharge (DOD); 1200 cycles (60% DOD) for 38, 62, and 90 AH models. As an added feature, NexSys batteries are equipped with a Protection from Over-Discharge™ (POD™) device that automatically alerts users when recharging is required.

A virtually maintenance-free benefit of NexSys is the fact that no watering is required, preventing spills that can damage floors and carpets. There is also minimal gassing, avoiding the unpleasant odors often associated with conventional flooded lead acid batteries.

Also referred to as a non-spillable electric storage battery, NexSys batteries are extremely resistant to shock and vibration. The separators are compressed before being inserted into the case and cell connectors are cast to the plates and bonded to further repel vibration. In addition, NexSys batteries can be fast charged in less than two hours, and opportunity charged in less than four.

An integral part of the NexSys system is the Wi-iQ® monitoring device. This device manages the charging profile to suit the state of charge and operating conditions of the battery, as well as storing a complete data record of the battery’s service life.

Users can complete battery management with the Xinx® System. It reads each Wi-iQ® monitoring device and transmits all data to a cloud server. The advanced EnerSys designed algorithm will process and analyze the information to provide reports on pool usage, forecasts, and actions for improvement.