NFS Launches QuickBook App

QuickBook provides a powerful mobile room and resource booking app that works on multiple platforms.

Flexible working is estimated to be the main option for more than 70% of employers by 2020 – and NFS Technology has launched a solution to help these businesses make the most of their workspace. QuickBook, designed using the latest web development technologies, including HTML5, provides a powerful mobile room and resource booking app that works on multiple platforms.

QuickBooks“Enterprise users will soon be moving from an average of three devices a day to five as the Internet of Things becomes more mainstream,” said Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS Technology. “This puts a strain on organizations – particularly IT departments – as they struggle to meet increased demand for high quality business apps.”

More mobile usage across an organization drives a demand for access to more ad hoc bookings, increased video conferencing, and the need for an optimized user interface. QuickBook works seamlessly with platforms including Outlook Exchange, and – uniquely – Office 365, making it ideal for mobile workers who use cloud-based solutions.

“QuickBook addresses a number of different issues for office managers and staff,” said Luis. “If you’re out of the office and want to book a desk for your return, the intuitive interface makes it possible to book from wherever you are.”

“People booking meetings that require AV and catering can book them all in a single transaction via Outlook, desktop, or mobile device – the solution works on any mobile device,” he added.

Employees and meeting organizers also benefit from an interface that makes it faster to book rooms and services for several meetings thanks to integration with NFS’ comprehensive Rendezvous meeting room and desk booking software.

“QuickBook works whether you use an iPhone, an Android, or a Windows device, giving access to the power of Rendezvous via a simple-to-use app. We know that real estate will continue to be a major cost for businesses going forward. It’s crucial that organizations make the most of their available space, and also make it convenient and easy for their staff to find the right space to work and collaborate,” said Luis. “QuickBook is a major step forward in empowering staff to organize their working environment proactively, and also helps manage their workspace efficiently and productively.”