Nilfisk Advance SW5500 Rider Sweeper

The indoor/outdoor floor sweeper now comes factory installed with the EnerSys NexSys TPPL battery

The Advance SW5500™ Floor Sweeper from Nilfisk® is a rider sweeper engineered to provide the power of an industrial sweeper in a compact, nimble size. It is suitable for areas such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, parking ramps, stadium concourses, and university grounds.

rider sweeperThe SW5500, which is available in emissions-free battery and LP hybrid configurations, offers optimal sweeping performance, hopper capacity, and broom life through a wear-compensating main broom sweeping system; single-pass sweeping with single (46″ total cleaning path) and dual (59″ total cleaning path) side brooms; and ease of use and maneuverability due to an intuitive, ergonomic design, front steering, front wheel drive, and tools-free maintenance.

The Advance SW5500 offers a productive, comfortable, and cost-effective way to keep large floors and outdoor areas free of dust and debris. The hybrid kit allows for low emissions, low noise, and flexible cleaning so users can sweep indoors and outdoors with the same machine simply by switching from engine to battery power.

All sweeping functions are activated at once by pushing a button and activating the drive pedal. All functions stop when not driving to save energy, reduce broom wear, and prevent making marks on the floor. In addition to a warning alarm, speed is automatically reduced on slopes and tight turns to minimize the risk of tilting the rider sweeper, keeping the operator safe during the whole cleaning task.

The SW5500 offers fugitive dust control with the optional DustGuard™ feature. It makes the environment safer for the operator and the people around, reducing dust created by the side brooms.

EnerSys® recently announced that its NexSys® Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) battery will be factory-installed on the Advance SW5500 rider sweeper.

“We’re extremely pleased that Nilfisk has chosen the NexSys battery to power a machine that it calls its ‘workhorse’,” said Chad Uplinger, general manager for specialty markets at EnerSys. “With three times the life of conventional batteries and the ability to opportunity charge in as little as two hours, NexSys batteries provide an ideal multi-shift power option for the hard-working Nilfisk Advance SW5500.”

NexSys batteries provide a flexible, virtually maintenance-free energy solution for traction, Class III pallet truck applications. The rugged construction of NexSys batteries features Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) separators for extreme shock and vibration resistance, making them well suited for high-use applications. Classified as non-spillable electric storage batteries, NexSys batteries are constructed with 99% pure lead and provide performance across a wide range of temperatures, also making them suitable for cold storage applications.

Mike Kanitz, product portfolio manager at Nilfisk®, said, “The Advance SW5500 Rider Floor Sweeper is a powerful yet flexible machine designed to help users work longer and smarter. In that respect, the NexSys battery provides the prefect battery complement as it is capable of working long hours with fast charging times and no watering requirements.”

Depending on battery ampere hours and the charger, NexSys batteries can be fully recharged in as little as two hours and are designed for opportunity charging multiple times per day. Resulting benefits may include long battery life and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). NexSys batteries have a shelf life of up to two years at 68˚F and typically occupy up to 30% less space than the equivalent lead-calcium batteries due to the thin plate design’s high energy density properties.