No-Touch Menstrual Care Product Dispenser

The HOSPECO® Evogen® EVNT3-SS Provides Hands-Free, Ultra Hygienic Dispensing

HOSPECO® introduced the new hands-free Evogen® No-Touch Menstrual Care Product Dispenser in stainless steel (EVNT3-SS). This high-capacity dispenser takes public restroom hygiene and convenience to the next level by vending tampons and pads to guests, free of charge, with the wave of a hand.

menstrual care productThe advanced Evogen EVNT3-SS dispenser is the latest offering in HOSPECO’s state-of-the-art line of no-touch, hands-free products designed to reduce the spread of germs and illnesses in public restrooms. The stainless steel construction stands up to years of use and makes clean-up easy for maintenance staff (the unit is also available in a sleek white ABS finish as EVNT3-W). A blinking light indicates a channel is out of product, and needs to be refilled while a solid red light indicates that the battery should be replaced.

The free-vend function of the Evogen EVNT3-SS satisfies growing public demand to treat menstrual care products as a necessity rather than a luxury.

The Evogen No-Touch Menstrual Care Product Dispenser holds a large capacity of both tampons and pads, meets ADA-compliance requirements, and facilitates easy loading and re-stocking. The 13-¾” W x 26-3/16″ H x 6-1/8″ D is pre-programmed with a five-second delay between uses to discourage misuse and reduce waste.