Norb (Nutri-Orb) Human Centric Lighting

New Line of LED Bulbs Promotes Health & Wellness with the Right Light for Different Times of the Day

The Norb® (Nutri-Orb) brand of LED light bulbs from Norb, LLC is a line of Wellness Lighting for Better Working, Learning, and Living. NorbSMILE and NorbSLEEP provide biologically-tuned, human centric lighting that replicates the sun’s natural spectrum.human centric lighting

NorbSMILE, the “Feel Right” Light illuminates with a white-color light and is available as an A19 LED bulb with 11 watts and as a tube light with 18 LED watts. It supports a positive mood, alertness, energy, and productivity. NorbSMILE is the healthy building light for daytime illumination in company offices, the lobbies and meeting rooms of office buildings and hotels, and school and university hallways and classrooms.

human centric lightingNorbSLEEP, the “Sleep Right” Light provides a soft, warm, white-color light with the wavelengths of natural evening light. Like sunset and twilight, NorbSLEEP prompts the body to produce melatonin, the natural hormone that signals it is time to relax, feel drowsy, and fall asleep. It is a dimmable A19 LED bulb with 9 watts, similar to a 40 watt incandescent bulb, and it fits standard sockets. It helps people fall asleep naturally and get a restful night’s sleep and is the healthy building light for evening illumination in hotel rooms, college dormitory bedrooms, and in hospital rooms at the patient’s bed side.

human centric lightinghuman centric lightingWith an average use of two hours per day, NorbSLEEP can last for 25 years with an estimated annual cost of operation of 72 cents. At average use of eight hours per day, NorbSMILE can last 17 years with an estimated annual cost of operation of $5.76. Both human centric lighting options come with a three-warranty.

human centric lighting“LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building standards promote sustainable design and energy efficiency. The WELL Building Standard recognizes that building standards should also support human health and well-being,” said Dave MacKenzie, president, Norb, LLC and inventor of NorbSLEEP and NorbSMILE. “Norb® (Nutri-Orb) Wellness Lighting harnesses advances in LED technology to illuminate indoor spaces with bio-active light that is both energy-efficient and human centric.”