November 1 SMART© Public Meeting in Dallas

Interested flooring purchasers are invited to attend the November 1 SMART© Public Meeting, which will be held from 2:00 – 5:00. The goal of the meeting is to solicit comments on the SMART© Draft Sustainable/EPP Flooring Standard© before it is Balloted. All comments are due by November 4, 2005.

Here is the Meeting Agenda:
1. Background on voluntary consensus Standards and their use for government product purchasing and specifying and use since 1898 to regulate the building industry.
2. Review draft Standard and solicit comments. Importantly, this SMART© Standard provides many global benefits. Primarily it will reduce climate change and long term increasing energy costs. It will also improve energy security, and protect the global economy and social order.

The Standard provides maximum credit/recognition over all product stages in the entire supply chain for certified products with:
•100% reduction of more than 1,000 pollutants covering 12 environmental impacts
•100% use of green-e renewable power
•100% post consumer recycled or organic/BMP biobased materials
•100% reuse/product reclamation
•Social equity requirements

The draft Standard used the SMART© Sustainable/EPP Product Standard Template© as a starting point. The SMART© Sustainable/EPP Flooring Standard© THIRD DRAFT STANDARD is located here.

For questions about the Standard and Public Meeting, please call 202-338-3131. If you can not attend and are interested in this activity, please use this contact information, including for future meetings/calls of the SMART© Flooring Committee that has exclusive jurisdiction for this Standard.