Nu-Wood PVC Column Wraps

Simple design elegance for interior and exterior settings

PVC Column Wraps from Nu-Wood™ are precision-manufactured PVC wraps designed to surround support structures, adding elegance to interior and exterior settings.column wraps

Available in both tapered and non-tapered designs, the PVC Column Wraps feature solid PVC with lock-mitered corners for easy installation. They come with three sides assembled using Nu-Wood’s patented Corner Lock Column System©. To insure no slippage occurs during shipping the three assembled sides are pinned. Once at the job site, the partially assembled column is simply slid over the existing post, the fourth side is put in place and glued/pinned. It was already cut to size and painted from the factory. Nothing else is necessary to complete the install of the custom sized, needs no maintenance, PVC column wrap.

column wraps“These column wraps install quickly and easily on the job site around ugly structural posts,” says Randy Miller, director of sales for Nu-Wood, a Jasper Plastics company. “The secure lock mitered corners assures a firm connection. The easy-to-install wraps can quickly transform the look of a basement setting, exterior deck posts, and porch columns.”

The low-maintenance pieces come in four panel styles (Roman, Tapered, Inset, and Raised). These have raised and recessed flat panels, along with smooth/plain and fluted profiles. Used for both new construction and remodeling projects, the white PVC Column Wraps come with optional cap and base trim plus intermediate accent bands. As part of the Nu-Wood Classic Color Program, they can be ordered with any one of more than 1,500 Sherwin-Williams paint colors. Touch-up paint kits are included with each order.

“We can ship these beautiful, custom-painted PVC Column Wraps in any Sherwin-Williams color imaginable — from Relaxed Khaki to Adriatic Sea to Wisteria,” says Miller. “This saves builders and remodelers additional time and effort on the job site because the column wraps come out of the box immediately ready to install.”