Facility Executive: October 2021 Issue

The October 2021 issue looks at maintenance data, variable speed HVAC, green cleaning, net zero energy facilities, renewed furnishings, remote inspections, and more.

Facility Executive October 2021 Issue (Volume 34, Number 5)

Editor’s Letter: Taking A Fresh Look

Anne Cosgrove June 2021 Issue

With 2022 around the corner, it’s the time when many of us take stock of the current year. What goals have we met; which initiatives are in progress; and what are you putting to the top of the list for the coming year? Facilities, with all their moving parts, are perpetual works in progress. Whether this past year has been a focus on maintaining smooth operations or one of significant changes (with the impact of the pandemic still strong), the approaching new year causes many to reflect on what’s next.

This issue’s focus on sustainability looks at several areas where facilities leaders and their teams can evolve their buildings, sites, and overall operations. With extreme weather threatening more locations (and more often), reinforcing current structures and systems to better withstand these and other disruptive events are a top concern at the end of 2021. The article on net zero energy includes points to consider if reducing your organization’s energy footprint is a priority. And, a holistic view of HVAC, green cleaning, and sustainability overall is included in this issue. Meanwhile, facilities maintenance tasks impacted by the pandemic as well as traditional forces are covered in Tech and FM, as well as the articles on remote building inspections and backup power selection.

As you read through this edition of Facility Executive and would like to share your own projects and lessons learned, send a note to the e-mail address below with a brief overview. Enjoy the rest of the fall season, as we all look ahead to the coming new year!



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October 2021 Issue: Contents

October 2021 Issue
It’s all hands on deck and eyes on ways to shore up facilities against extreme weather and other threats. Resilient design for buildings is on the rise. (Photo: Adobe Stock/Beeboys)

Tech And FM: The Benefits Of Digitizing Maintenance Functions | When facilities maintenance data is readily available, efficiencies improve across the organization.

The HVAC Factor: Low Occupancy? Look At Variable Speed HVAC |Striking the balance to bring in ample outside air while maintaining energy goals can be a challenge.

Embracing Green Cleaning Products, Processes | A cleaning program to support sustainability and human health will have long-term impact.

Growth In Zero Energy Buildings | Annual report from New Buildings Institute shows significant growth of net zero energy facilities since 2018.

Delivering Disaster-Resilient Buildings | Building commissioning is a key piece in protecting sites against the impact of destructive events.

Rerouting Furniture From Landfill | For furnishings no longer useful, donating these items to nonprofits or other organizations gives a second life.

Remote Virtual Inspections For Facilities | With demand increasing, an ANSI standard is in development.

Sustaining Efforts In Sustainability | Here are strategies for making green goals work for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Level Up Against Power Outages | Tailor backup power equipment to the needs of the site.

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