Facility Executive: October 2022 Issue

The October 2022 issue focuses on sustainability and renewable energy trends, plus indoor air quality, mass notifications, and more.

Facility Executive October 2022 Issue (Volume 35, Number 5)

Editor’s Letter: Sustainability And Consistency

Jennifer GoetzSustainability touches every part of the built environment, from lighting, energy, water usage, indoor air quality, building systems, and more.

Whether you’re in a large, mid-sized, or small company, or if you own or lease your space, everyone can do their part to work toward a more sustainable future, whether it’s working with partners to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, upgrading to more energy-efficient HVAC systems, or by going paperless and implementing recycling programs. It takes research and time to find the optimal solutions for your organizations, and it takes consistency to follow through on sustainability goals.

To help facility managers explore their eco-friendly options, this issue looks at current sustainability and renewable energy trends. In the face of unpredictable weather patterns, see how the built environment has continued to evolve to remain resilient. See how water features can work toward your water conservation goals, not against them. Reusing and recycling furniture, either through re-upholstery or through remanufacturing, is cost-effective and an opportunity for organizations to support their ESG goals.

As facility executives, you know how critical sustainability is to protect our people, the planet, and our infrastructure. Sustainable strategies need to constantly evolve to create safer, healthier, and more resilient buildings.

Jennifer Goetz




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October 2022 Issue: Contents

October 2022 Issue
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Tech And FM: Add Time To The Security Event Clock | Securing a building’s perimeter with sensors gives staff more time to react if a threat is detected.

The HVAC Factor: The Importance Of Indoor Air Quality Testing | Indoor air contaminants can be just as dangerous as outside pollution.

Maintaining A Resilient Building | An architect and engineer discuss the latest trends in building resiliency.

Powering A Greener Future | A closer look at the state of sustainability in 2022.

Sustainability Checklist For Hospitals | Pave the way for a sustainable future while supporting patients and staff.

How Community Solar Can Help Achieve ESG Goals | Community solar is leveraging government programs to incentivize large-scale solar application.

Managing Mass Notification | Combining mobile and on-site notification enhances facility safety.

The Benefits Of Sustainable Electrical Systems | Intelligent electrical systems offer the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption and costs.

Creating A Design That’s Built to Last | To increase their building’s lifespan during construction, FMs need to work closely with design teams.

Hospitality And Green Cleaning | See five ways FMs in hospitality can benefit from environmentally-friendly cleaning protocols.

Green Operations And Water Features | These features can facilitate water conservation.

Restoration And Re-upholstery | Facility managers can extend contract furniture lifecycles with proper care and re-upholstery.

Focus On: Signage & Wayfinding | Lighting | Groundskeeping

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