Ocula Frameless Glass Windscreen from Trex Commercial

The frameless glass system offers wind protection and design flexibility for commercial applications.

Ocula Frameless Glass WindscreenTrex Commercial, a provider of architectural railing systems for commercial building applications, introduced Ocula™, its newest glass windscreen system. Inspired by the success of the company’s Ascent® post-supported glass windscreen, Ocula offers versatility with its post-free, clamp-supported design, delivering a virtually invisible barrier that can be customized for any outdoor setting.

Ideal for pool surroundings, balcony dividers and elevated overlooks, or to mitigate wind tunneling in courtyards and other open areas, Ocula is an ultra-streamlined windscreen system designed to divert wind while elevating architectural aesthetics. At guardrail height (43”), the system can withstand winds loads up to 86psf – 8x the amount of a standard windscreen. As height is increased, it can withstand wind loads up to 54psf, still far exceeding industry standards.

Ocula features stainless steel clamps suitable for interior or exterior applications and can be paired with view-optimizing clear glass for a barely-there look, or frosted or fritted glass for privacy. The system is offered in three standard heights for guardrail (43”), pool surround (48”), or balcony divider (60”). Custom heights are also available, along with multiple top cap and handrail options.

A glass windscreen offers form, function, and freedom. Architects no longer have to rely on visually obstructive and confining walls to protect patrons and property from unpleasant dust and gusty winds. With systems like Ascent and Ocula, they can create open, airy environments that celebrate surrounding views while keeping patrons comfortable and sheltered from wind and debris.

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