Ocularis VMS & DNA Fusion Access Control Integration

Ocularis 5 Video Management Software (VMS) by OnSSI has been integrated with the latest version of the DNA Fusion™ access control platform from Open Options. This security solution provides users with the ability to combine access control and video for increased safety and situational awareness.

The integration between Ocularis 5 and DNA Fusion v6.4 provides live and recorded video associated with access control events from within DNA Fusion with auto call-up capability. Users can view multiple cameras from within the security solution, control PTZ cameras, drag and drop saved recordings for playback, and scan for cameras.

security solutionOcularis v5.0 introduces new recording platforms and three models. Ocularis Professional is scalable video management for small to medium single and multi-site applications. Ocularis Enterprise is surveillance video management for centrally managed mid to large scale installations. Ocularis Ultimate is video management with redundancy for large and complex environments. Ocularis 5 offers network and video security with 256-bit AES encrypted communication between the recorder and Client, a scrambled recorded video database to protect the integrity of recorded video, and the ability to record directly to a NAS anywhere on the network. Ocularis 5 simplifies workloads and system management. There is no need to register camera licenses and MAC addresses. It features automatic load balancing for managing recordings across system servers. Critical Camera Failover ensures continuous sight by switching to a failover camera in as little as two seconds. Ocularis 5 also allows for multiple recorders to be combined under the same Base (including legacy Ocularis 4.X recorders) with centralized user and event management.

security solutionDNA Fusion is open platform software that interfaces seamlessly with other systems, such as video, biometrics, wireless locks, and intercoms to provide complete access control for the security solution. This includes door control, visitor management, and photo ID management. DNA Fusion v6.4 features complete integration with all major brands of wireless, Wi-Fi, and PoE locks and trace history with immediate reports on who is going where. OpenDX software provides an interface for configuring the data users want to transfer into DNA Fusion. This tool removes the task of manually entering data across various business systems and performs automated data transfers from any valid data source. In addition, FLEX API lets other systems and third-party applications interface directly to DNA Fusion so users can add, remove, and modify various system components through the front end. DNA Fusion can be managed via a standard Client, the web, or Apple and Android smartphones.